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4 important notes:

1. Do not re-register if you don’t see your name on the Supporters page
Duplicate listings are thrown out by the software used to process registrations.
Please follow the steps at the very top of the Contact page.

2. One location per form
If you have multiple locations, you’ll need to fill out multiple forms.
More than six locations? Click here for the correct form.

3. Register using a desktop or laptop computer---not a mobile device
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4. Don't skip required questions
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        • We strongly suggest you
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        you discontinue a line, their name will still appear in your description.

        You want perks? We've got perks.

        The 3/50 Project iPhone app (LookLocal)
        This free app helps consumers locate independent brick and mortars
        nearby, whether at home or on the road.

        Basic business listings are free for independent brick and mortars who have
        signed on as Suporters of The 3/50 Project.

        Would you like your business to be listed in The 3/50 Project iPhone app?

        Enhanced Listings are also offered for a nominal annual fee to those who
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