The lists below represent two types of businesses:

Independents: Brick and mortar businesses who are independent in every sense of the word, doing their best to serve you--the customer--with no outside support or corporate advantages.

Other Supporters: From community organizations to vendors to sales agencies to chains large and small, the support of these companies is invaluable.

Note to our Supporters: Listings may take up to ten days to appear.
Please don't re-register since that reeeeeeally slow the process down).

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It's Time Apparel and Promotions

Scrap Yard Scrapbooking

Jonny's Java Coffee Inc.

Brush Fire Ceramic Studio
Dragonfly Flowers
Harlequin--The Dancers Store
Sweet Touch Florist
Vandenbergs Fine Jewellery Inc.
Other Supporters

Fresh Option Organic Delivery
Proud Sponsor
Manitoba, these folks rock.
*Employment statistics courtesy
U.S. Labor Department 2/6/09 report;
68/43 stats courtesy Civic Economics