Radio spots

Yeah. Gotta do that pesky fine print thing to make the legal eagles happy. Here goes....

These mp3 recordings are provided for use as radio station PSAs (Public Service Announcements) to publicise The 3/50 Project. In exchange, we ask that you agree to the following:

1. Content of the spots will not be edited, altered, re-recorded, or repurposed, whether for The 3/50 Project -or- to promote another business or organization.

2. Stations who wish to add background music to the recordings may do so, but are solely responsible for complying with copyrights associated with use of that music.

3. These spots will not be used to generate revenue for, or require payment from, any third party, including The 3/50 Project (ex: selling on-air ads to local businesses, requesting paid sponsorships, etc.).

4. These recordings are being used with permission (®© Cinda Baxter 2009; all rights reserved) to promote The 3/50 Project and its message. Permission will be rescinded if it appears the recordings or content is being used in a manner not intended by Ms. Baxter or The 3/50 Project.

5. These recordings and their content may not be used in association with any political party, candidate, etc. If you’re in doubt, contact us via the Contact page of the site.

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*Employment statistics courtesy
U.S. Labor Department 2/6/09 report;
68/43 stats courtesy Civic Economics

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