Other supporters: Individuals

You folks are the true believers, supporting the cause of independent brick and mortars everywhere, even without the backing of a company or organization. We think you rock, and thank you on behalf of locally owned businesses everywhere.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the space, manpower, or capability to list the thousands of hearty souls out there spreading the news on their own, one by one. The website would look like the Manhattan phone book before long, and we’d be in a heap on the floor from exhaustion. Trust me...the latter of the two ain’t pretty.

Please know that you’re appreciated nonetheless, and are near and dear to our hearts. Feel free to print out the free flyers and share them with friends, family, nearby businesses, and local media. It’s our common voice that brings positive change right here at home.

*Employment statistics courtesy
U.S. Labor Department 2/6/09 report;
68/43 stats courtesy Civic Economics

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